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Red Chilly

Red chilli cashews are spicy nuts with a crunchy texture. They’re flavored with bold chilli spices, adding a fiery kick to your snack time.


Satisfy your snack cravings with our pepper-infused cashews. Each bite delivers a burst of bold flavor and an irresistible crunch.


Salted cashews are tasty nuts with a salty flavor. They’re crunchy and great for snacking. They’re packed with nutrients and make a delicious, satisfying treat.

Salt & Pepper cashew

Salted pepper is a classic seasoning blend that combines the bold flavors of salt and pepper. It adds a delicious balance of savory and spicy notes to dishes, enhancing their taste with a simple yet versatile seasoning.

Green Chilly

Green chili cashews are nuts infused with the spicy heat of green chilies. They deliver a spicy punch alongside their crunchy texture, offering a flavorful twist to snacking. Perfect for those seeking a spicy snack option